A Modern Take on Luxury

Luxury, elegance and a classic approach... Can they fit with the modern waves of fashion? Of course, they don't exclude eachother, on the contrary, by combining modern with classic in the right proportions, the watches that we bring you are meant to stand out in both these areas.

Choose what fits your from our collections!

A Classic Look

Elegance and minimalism are timeless. This is the motto that stands as a base for our group and for every single piece that we distribute. By combining classic elements with beautiful details, the watches that we distribute are made to stand the test of time in matter of style and quality. 

Our collections show wide variety when it comes to personal taste, so every customer can find a product to fit his preferrences when it comes to fashion and utility.

Brands we distribute


Murex was the first brand to come out of the RibaWatch stable (there are now five different brands, each tailored to different markets) and is the embodiment of Swiss quality.

Murex specialises in a wide range of fashionable quartz watches, with around 20 new models being introduced each year. Every model is engineered and assembled at the RibaWatch factory in Le Locle. In some cases, the craftsmanship and precision involved mean that production can take several months. The brand has two collections: a fashion collection and a diamond range.

The watches, made of stainless steel, may feature different plating, such as rhodium, rose gold, black or white ceramic – as well as mother-of-pearl, diamonds, sapphires and other valuable gems.


FAROS brand shows a wide variety of models and style. All last trends are represented in the collection.

The brand’s objective is simple : create smart, beautiful, and fashionable timepieces at a low price range.


Undae minantia diversa hominum viseret terris. Neu orbe. Ante pontus. Caelum pluvialibus tumescere ponderibus. Rerum dissociata tellure. Norant calidis possedit quoque. Instabilis instabilis carentem? Mortales zonae mundum aequalis haec tempora iapeto ardentior nondum. Pinus magni vindice terris recessit sponte bene tumescere librata finxit?


Created In 2016, MARC ENZO is the last brand MUREX GROUP chose to distribute in Lebanon. Ladies Hold your breath when watching a MARC ENZO watch display ! Last tendances, colours, shining stones and fashion are sparkling out from the windows MARC ENZO watches are put in.

This brand is made in France and made for Lebanon.


Mercury watches are designed to be fit for purpose, no matter what the conditions. In fact, every watch is the result of more than six months’ engineering and takes at least three months to manufacture – partly because the watch cases and the attachments between bezels and straps are crafted to ensure durability and strength.

As you’d expect, all cases are made of stainless steel and feature multifunction's as chronographs. A look at the collections confirms their appeal to those simply looking for an active aesthetic.

While every Mercury watch looks reassuringly strong and durable, that’s no barrier to a wide range of styles. Many come with a choice of straps – metal, leather or rubber – and all with a choice of a silver, gold, rose-gold or black finish.


THE BEAUTY OF OPTIMA watches lies in their detail. A glance at any one of the brand’s pieces reveals that its construction has been carefully thought about. From metals and mother-of-pearl through to precious stones, Optima combines different materials in layers to create an understated relief effect on the watch dial.

This approach, incorporating several different components to create an effect, makes the watches stand out. Another thing that unites OPTIMA watches is elegance.

For a watch to attain the level of elegance the brand demands it must first be of a size that will enhance the wrist – for men, this means watch cases range from 42mm to 45mm and for ladies, from 34mm to 40mm.

Looking for the Nearest Retailer?

Find the nearest retailer which provides what you are looking for. Murex Group provides a wide variety of luxurious products to choose from. The following brands are just a small part of the available ones: Murex, Optima Slazenger...